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Pure Yoga Austin

Bikram yoga is specifically designed for beginners. At first it may seem hard but with a little concentration, patience and determination you will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how great you will feel.

Bikram Yoga is a beginner’s yoga which is practiced by people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and health conditions. It is a challenging 90-minute beginning hatha yoga class designed to systematically work the entire body, creating optimum health and maximum function. The 26-posture sequence is performed in a room heated to 105 degrees to allow the body to safely stretch and detoxify and cleanse.

Our Mission is simple and pure: We empower ALL people to improve their lives through regular practice of Bikram Yoga, and inspire our students by serving as exemplary role models in the yoga room and our community.

Yoga For You

Located in Austin, halfway between theOak Hill “Y” and Dripping Springs, Yoga for You is an oasis of health and tranquility.

Here, Elaine Christine offers yoga classes and private yoga sessions for all levels. We help you combine your mind, body & spirit through exercise, allowing you to release stress and take control of your health.

At Yoga for You we offer a wide range of classes based on your specific area of interest, integrating strength, flexibility, and mindfulness