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Pecan Street Brewing

Hello and welcome to Pecan Street Brewing —a place to visit with old friends and make new ones! We are located in Johnson City, in the heart of the scenic Texas Hill Country, at 106 E. Pecan Drive — directly across from the historic Courthouse.

Pecan Street Brewing is a place where you can meet and make friends while relaxing in a casual atmosphere, just like they did in the old days.  It is located in the center of town in the old Blanco County Supply building, which was established in the early 50’s.  Originally it was a hardware and supply store and unofficially the gathering place where folks would get together, drink coffee and swap stories about the goings-on about town.  Now the gathering continues but the beverage of choice is a nice cold one, to be enjoyed in the restaurant, beer garden or while dancing to one of the many live bands featured every weekend.